Dolph Ziggler Appreciation Blog

If you didn’t know Dolph Ziggler is my favorite wrestler, now you do. Just want to take a second and reflect on the Ladder match Dolph had with The Miz at TLC Sunday. You could say they stole the show. The following matches definitely had a hard time topping it. Dolph has had some incredible Ladder matches and at TLC he did not disappoint. This guy man made shit appealing to eat.

At this point in his career, well his entire career, it has not been easy to be one of his fans. Especially the guys like me. We show up with Dolph, for Dolph to see if this is the match that gets the ball rolling. Gets him hot. Always thinking about that MITB cash in the night after Wrestlemania 29. We haven’t nearly come close to that level of success since but we for the most part believe its bound to happen again at any second. He’s done it before he can do it again.

Thank Dolph, for everything you do.



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