Where’s Hogan?

To now have the ability to know what Hulk Hogan is doing again almost brings a tear to my eye. For the last two years I have been block on twitter by Hogan. It was funny at first but i got sick of being in the dark.  Since I’ve been locked out of my old twitter account forever, I made a new one today (@MidCardBZ).

So I got to thinking, hey wheres Hogan at? What’s that guy up to these days? Thankfully for his #twitter i was able to see what he’s been up to.


Hogan is at “Eddie V’s, brother” with his friends Bread, Wine, and his woman


Hogan is in the Gulf of Mehico, brother. I love he doesn’t upload his videos via twitter. Moby Picture?  Probably gets paid to drive traffic to their site.

Then the icing on the cake a few scrolls down his timeline. This guy is winning. Did you see his wife? Girlfriend? Either way he’s got a soulmate and she can go.

And watch Hulkster to be back soon. Wrestlemania…



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