Cody Rhodes-Bullet Club?

For those who may not know about the Bullet Club. One thing you should know it is “Bullet Club aint never over, Bullet Club is 4Life” Bullet Club Leader Kenny Omega. First initial thought as to who it would be I thought Ryback. A monster.

Turns out most spoilers are saying it will be Cody Rhodes.This is something i never even could have thought id be seeing. and so far Cody is steamrolling the indies, and putting on excellent matches. Cody debuted at Ring Of Honor’s Final Battle taking on Jay Lethal, and winning in a not so honorable fashion.

Cody turned and got a hell of a reaction from the crowd. Got himself a ton of heat, what a way to make an entrance.

Just being a bully. Cody Rhodes with the Bullet Club is a scary thought with how talented they already are. With Kenny leading the charge, newer addition Adam Cole, the Young Bucks, now possibly Cody. This is a faction that was already strong and could get much stronger.


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