Smackdown 12/6

SD Tag Title Match- Wyatt Family (C) vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

Wyatt Family coming into tonight fresh off a win for the titles at TLC, in conniving fashion. The match took all of just 7 minutes to wrap up. Randy and Bray are scary good together. These two seemingly could steamroll this tag division for as long as they choose.

As for tonight they took care of business as usual. Do these guys even have contenders? American Alpha? Next. Hype Bros? Please. i don’t see these two dropping the titles any time soon. Lets not forget Luke Harper in all of this. Like The New Day, this is a three man team. We have all seen what The New Day has accomplished as they approach the pinnacle of their historic run. Personally, New Day couldn’t carry The Wyatt Families boots if they tried, just me. Wouldn’t mind seeing a Wyatt Family-New Day program come Wrestlemania.

Winner- Wyatt Family

Backstage DASHA FUENTES approaches Kalisto

Asks why he wanted a rematch blah blah, but then had some choice..words.
I cant script out what he said because I don’t totally remember. When talking about his speed he referred to the phrase “speed kills”. In my mind he openly said he is going to kill Baron Corbin. Kalisto is going to kill him. Really turning back into the Attitude Era

Carmella vs. Natalya
Carmella cuts a promo and starts trashing Natty, rightfully so. She’s simply exposing her because she’s a fraud. She plays to be this sweet genuine lady, and if you watch Total Divas you opinion could be strengthened by that. When in reality she’s jealous she’s not as pretty as Nikki, or Carmella. Carmella words not mine

I did take away one thing Carmella said. She told Natty to “waddle” her way down to the ring. I laughed out loud. Not long after Natty did come out, by no means does she waddle but the insult was kinda hilarious.

This was a trash segment. Resulted with Natty and Camella rolling trading blows eventually Carmella running away from the ring with Natty chasing. Camera cuts to Natty encountering Nikki Bella. Nikki didn’t move, didn’t say one word for maybe a minute, and it was some of the best work I’ve seen from her.

Back stage with Baron Corin
Corbin is good at swatting flies.

Hype Bros vs. Ascension

The Ascension had some cool face paint for this one tonight. Hype Bros hit the Hype Ryder for the win.

Winner- Hype Bros


Hosting Dean Ambrose, Miz does what Miz does best. Went on little tirades, got under some skin, pushing peoples buttons. Brought up Ellsworth and put him over. Ambrose did do a good job of composing himself and not attacking Miz. It’s surprising because he is unstable. Miz gave dean a participation award and it was a message to America and our PC culture. Just a slap in the face, Miz doesn’t pull punches. Ambrose’s good behavior rewarded him a Intercontinental Title shot in the main event. Which is kind of insane, he should be in the back of the line for the IC Title.

Kalisto vs Baron Corbin

I didn’t watch a second of this match. Thats whats going to get me far in this business

Winner- Baron Corbin

Nikki Bella and Sophia Grace? I see some of these kids that reach a level of fame i couldn’t imagine, but if i was 8-13 in 2016 i would have a lot more followers on twitter (@MidCardBZ) and Instagram (beauzanca). The second I saw this going down my head went down to my phone. This is insulting. i don’t know what this girl is all about and honestly I’m not trying to. Please WWE, don’t insult me.

Chad Gable vs. Tyler Breese

At the start I was really pulling for Breeze. Lack of offense and sup par ring awareness led to a quick win for Gable.

Winner- Chad Gable

Alexa Bliss Celebration

Alexa comes to the ring with zero electricity, but i think thats her thing. Girls dull, and I’m not sold on her work. Im sold on her ass though. Starts to cut a promo and she simply is not good on the mic. Crowd was getting to her and you could see it. Becky comes to the ring and while she was talking i realize she is female Shemus. Is that obvious or is it just me?

Bliss dropped a “Bitch” bomb, Attitude era. Teased a potential fight that never happened. A rematch soon to take place.

Miz (C) vs Dean Ambrose

What happened in the match is irrelevant to how it ended. James Ellsworth got his hands dirty again and screwed Ambrose, again. He distraction on the ref cost Dead the IC Title.

Im calling it right now. This is the end of Dean Ambrose, he is going to kill James Ellsworth. Ellworths days are numbered, deadman walking 2.0.

Winner- Miz via Rollup

Forgot to mention the Show Opener

AJ Styles approaches the ring in a walking boot. and jeans. AJ was a true souther boy tonight, and some of the ladies were enjoying what they were seeing. Who doesn’t love dad jeans. One thing i didn’t like was her wore the boot OVER his jeans. Rookie move. Those jeans were easily able to go over the boot. Take it from a former boot guy.

James Ellsworth came out, Dean Ambrose soon after. Deans music hits and he went right for Ellsworth, hit Dirty Deads, leaves. Very Stone Cold esq. (Attitude Era)


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